UPDATED September 22, 2020 with links to current item sellers in 2020.

One of the most popular television shows of all time, Friends, celebrates its 25th Anniversary on September 22, 2019! Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Joey, and Phoebe became our favorite pals ever since the show premiered in 1994. And it continues to gain new fans through Netflix, TBS, Nickelodeon and other syndication. If you’re a fan, then you might have identified closely with one or two of the characters, wanted to have such great friends, and dreamed of living in a spacious New York City apartment! Even if we can’t all find a Manhattan apartment at such an unrealistically low rent, we can at least try to decorate our homes with similar furniture and decor that we see in the show. If you want to know where to buy Friends TV show’s home decor, don’t worry, I’ll be there for you! I’ve made a list of shoppable items to help you recreate the look.

By the way, the Friends set decorator, Greg Grande, was interviewed for the milestone event and it’s a great read for some behind-the-scenes stories. I encourage you to read the article along with scrolling through the items below. I think it’s fun to learn about why certain furnishings and set design elements were chosen for the apartments. When you love everything about the show, then every furniture, tableware, wall decoration, poster art, home goods, and small knick-knacks that you see can bring you joy.

I’ll call this post “The One with all the Home Decorations and Stuff.” I will update this blog post as I find more items, so check back. If you have any tips about where to find more items, let me know. And with that, I will (as Ross would say) “Pivot…Piiivooot” to the list below. Click on each link to jump directly to a particular section. You can also see some individual item details at https://www.scenegoodies.com/product-category/show/friends/


Where to Buy Friends TV Show Home Decor in 2020


Monica and Rachel’s Apartment Decor in Friends TV Show

Yellow Peephole Frame from Monica’s Apartment Door

Yellow Door Peephole from Friends

Interesting tidbit: the frame on the show was originally part of a mirror. But when the mirror broke, they decided to keep the frame and put it around the door’s peephole! So this item is a must-have for any true fan.

Several varieties, creations, and reproductions can be purchased on eBay!

A replica of the iconic Yellow Peephole Frame decor from Monica’s apartment on Friends is available on Amazon.

AUCTION ALERT! Warner Bros has authorized a Studio-Edition REPRODUCTION of the Door Picture Frame from the show! There are just 10 being auctioned by WB through Prop Store, so be sure to bid during this rare auction, which benefits charity. Winners will receive a certificate of authenticity from the studio. See the Door Picture Frames being auctioned.

Friends Yellow Door Frame

Aux Buttes Chaumont Jouets by Jules Cheret Poster Art

Aux Buttes Chaumont Jouets Poster Art from Friends

The large poster in Monica and Rachel’s living room is a very colorful Jules Cheret poster. Like some of the items that were used to decorate the show, this one has an interesting story, as well. The Friends set decorator, Greg Grande, said that he originally had a tapestry in that area, but the network asked to change it during their walk-through.

I personally love vintage advertisement posters. What do the words mean? Here’s the translation from French to English: “At the Buttes Chaumont Toys and Objects for New Year’s gifts.” Then it is followed by the address of an old department store in France, Buttes Chaumont.

These are the places where you can buy Friends TV Show home decor like this poster:

The large Aux Buttes Chaumont Jouets poster (36×54 inches) is available on Amazon and Wayfair.

Other sizes and similar versions are available on eBay.

Homemade 1 cent Pickles Utensil Jar, Ceramic Crock

Homemade 1 cent Pickles Crock Utensil Jar from Friends

This large container is very prominent in the girl’s apartment.

You can buy this, as well as other versions, on Ebay, so buy one before it’s gone!

You can also buy this from Amazon.

Cookie Time Jar

Cookie Time Jar from Friends

Because of its size and distinctive appearance, this Cookie Time decor is another noticeable item from Monica and Rachel’s kitchen.

Where can you buy this Friends home decor? It’s harder to find this cookie jar nowadays. Wouldn’t it be great if you found it at some flea market for cheap?

It’s made by Treasure Craft and can be found on eBay.

You can also buy similar “cookie time” jars at a cheaper price, in this eBay page.

Classic Yellow Kettle (their 2nd kettle)

Friends Monica Rachel yellow kettle

The girls had at least two kettles. The first was a metallic yellow/gold kettle.

Apparently they needed a second by season 4! (We actually start to see the old metallic kettle in Chandler and Joey’s apartment, so isn’t it so friend-ly of them to donate the old one to the guys?) This vintage Chantal teakettle is the Classic model in a rare yellow color.

Check ebay to browse for current availability.


Friends 4x01 05


Libbey Blue Celestial Sun Moon Stars Mug

Friends Monica Rachel Blue Star Moon Sun Celestial Mug

Monica and Rachel have a set of translucent, blue celestial mugs that have sun moon and stars in the design, and both can be seen drinking from it in multiple episodes.

It’s an old Libbey design. I like how it’s translucent, makes it look even better, when filled with a liquid.

There are a few still available on Ebay, so buy it now!

Friends 4x02 04

Friends 3x20 12


Friends Monica Rachel Coffeemaker

This coffeemaker is distinctive, I especially like the wooden belt around it!

Lucky for us, Chemex still makes this product! You can choose from different sizes, but I believe the 6 cup standard is the same size that appears on the show.

Find the size you want on Amazon. Also available on eBay.

Friends 3x20 10

Multi-colored Bowls


Image Courtesy of Prop Store

This set of bowls is in the Official Auction of Friends Memorabilia!

You can also get this on eBay.


There is a matching set of Dinner plates that also appears on the show. It’s in the Official Auction! You can also find those on eBay.

Friends 10x05 05 Chandler

Maina La Voyante Poster

The Maina La Voyante print is the large French poster in Monica and Rachel’s foyer. The name translates to “Maina The Seer.” It is a vintage print by Louis Gallice in Paris.

You can buy this from these locations:



Friends Maina poster

Copper Rabbit Mold Kitchen Decor

The copper rabbit seen in Monica and Rachel’s kitchen is a vintage copper mold that might have been used for baking a cake in this shape. The kitchen bake ware was instead smartly used to hang on the wall as a kitchen decor. About 9″ x 7″ in size.

You can buy this from eBay or find similar items with this ebay search link.

Copper Fruits Mold Kitchen Decor

This copper mold of fruits can be seen as wall decor in Monica and Rachel’s kitchen. It is actually a vintage copper mold that might have been used for baking a cake. The mold has grapes, pear, apple, and leaves on the design. Made in Italy and the size is about 14″ x 12.5″. A brass circle allows it to be hung on the wall.

You can buy this from ebay or find similar items with this ebay search link.



Chandler and Joey’s Apartment Decor in Friends TV Show

Laurel & Hardy Poster

Laurel and Hardy poster Art from Friends

Laurel and Hardy were a comedy duo in Hollywood and were known for their slapstick comedy. So this poster is a good representation of the duo that is Chandler-and-Joey. Don’t you just love these guys?

Laurel & Hardy Poster is available from Amazon. You can also find the posters on eBay.

Amedeo Design ResinStone Greyhound Statue

Amedeo Design ResinStone 1400-24G Greyhound from Friends

This very unique sculpture and home decoration makes quite a statement.

The Amedeo Design ResinStone 1400-24G Greyhound, Standing, 39 by 10 by 56 inches item in Limestone color can be purchased from Amazon.

Les Mysteres de New York Publie par Le Petit Provencal Poster Art

Les Mysteres de New York Poster Art from Friends

Seen in the living room area of Chandler and Joey’s apartment.

You can find the poster on eBay.

There are other sources if you want to buy this mysterious poster. These are from Amazon:

Large Poster Size
Small 12”x18” Size


Foosball Table

Foosball Table

Joey broke the guys’ dining table. Because they are guys and couldn’t make a design purchase decision, they instead bought a foosball table. The guys first had a foosball table with blue- and red-colored men and later the table had yellow-colored men.

There are many foosball tables online, but here are a couple:
Tornado Foosball Table at Amazon.
American Legend Charger Foosball Table at Amazon.

My Goodness My Guinness Poster Art Advertisement

My Goodness My Guinness Poster from Friends

This is a fun poster as seen in the living room of Chandler and Joey’s apartment. A lion is chasing the zookeeper for beer.

You can get different sizes, and even framed ones, from online retailers:
36×24 inches
Framed 36×24 inches

You can also find this on Ebay, as well as different versions with other animals in the poster.

Friends 5x14 23

Kangaroo Poster Art

Kangaroo Poster from Friends

Another poster about human and animal in opposition appears in the living room. The text is in Russian. So there are actually a few Russian posters in the show, including one in Monica’s bedroom.

You can find various sizes of this poster on eBay.

Amazon is another one of the many places where you can buy this Friends TV Show home decor: 20×30 poster at Amazon.

Friends 01x03 02 living room


The Three Stooges Statue: Larry, Curly and Moe

Friends Chandler Joey Three Stooges statues

Chandler and Joey are a comedic pair, so it’s appropriate that they have the Laurel & Hardy Poster, as well as statues of the 3 Stooges!

It’s a vintage 1980 ESCO Three Stooges Statues of Larry, Curly, and Moe.

There are only a few complete sets left on ebay!

You could also get the individual ones if you have a favorite and get the others next time.

Friends 4x02 01

Joey’s Penguin Toy, Huggsy

TV Friends Huggsy

Image from Amazon

This is in the Official Auction for Friends memorabilia!

You can buy this from eBay.

It’s also available on Amazon!


Joey’s Apartment Decor in Friends TV Show

Joey’s Elvis Presley Bust Table Lamp

Elvis Presley Bust lamp

By season 2 episode 17, Joey is living in his own apartment apart from his buddy Chandler. Meanshile, Chandler is dealing with his new psycho roommate, Eddie.

This Elvis Presley head/bust lamp is a kitschy decoration. Joey’s got a lot of money to spend and he can get whatever he wants!

There are several listed on ebay. Some don’t have the exact lampshade used on the show, but you could replace the lampshade if you find an individual one that is closer to the one shown on the episode.

Browse on ebay.


Ross’ Apartment Decor in Friends TV Show

The Speed Racer Show Poster

The Speed Racer Show Poster from Friends

We see Ross’ first apartment in the Pilot, where Ross is putting together furniture with the help of Joey and Chandler. It was sparse since his ex-wife had just moved out to be with another woman. One of the few items left over is this poster. And how interesting that it’d be a cartoon and not a dinosaur!

You can buy this poster in different sizes on eBay.

The Speed Racer Show poster is also available on Amazon on these sizes:

Large size 24 x 36
Small size 11 x 17

Friends 01x01 05

Apothecary Coffee Table

The table from Pottery Barn was a big topic during the appropriately-titled episode “The One with the Apothecary Table” in Season 6, episode 11. Rachel bought the table from Pottery Barn, but she knows that Phoebe dislikes mass-produced items. So Rachel pretends that she bought the table from a flea market.

Ross also bought the table for his apartment, and tried to hide it under a Pottery Barn tablecloth. But Phoebe discovers the truth when she sees the ”one-of-a-kind” table at Ross’ place, too.

Lucky for us, Pottery Barn made the apothecary table again in honor of #FRIENDS25 anniversary!

Friends 06x11 07


Phoebe’s Apartment Decor in Friends TV Show

Apothecary Coffee Table (at Phoebe’s Apartment)

The table from Pottery Barn was a big topic during the appropriately-titled episode “The One with the Apothecary Table” in Season 6, episode 11. Rachel bought the table from Pottery Barn, but she knows that Phoebe dislikes mass-produced items. So Rachel pretends that she bought the table from a flea market. Of course, the truth comes out eventually when Ross also buys the same table.

You can buy this Friends TV Show home decor from Pottery Barn today! Pottery Barn made the apothecary table again in honor of #FRIENDS25 anniversary!

Friends 06x11 03


Central Perk Decor in Friends TV Show

Pilot episode Central Perk couch in FriendsOrange Tufted Velvet Couch

The iconic couch appears in the very first scene of Friends. Since then, the whole gang has practically lived in the Central Perk coffee house. I remember that one of the actors said that the couch is hard and uncomfortable. Now that the couch is going on a tour for the show’s 25th Anniversary, perhaps you will have the chance to sit on it and test the hardness for yourself! Follow the Official Friends Twitter account.

You can do a couple of things to follow the look. If you already have your own couch and just want the pop of color, consider getting a sofa cover like the Subrtex 1-Piece Jacquard high Stretch Couch slipcover.

If you’re in the market for a new couch, these are the retailers where you can buy Friends TV show home furniture that is similar to the Central Perk’s eye-catching sofa…


Close matches:

Braylei 88″ Fabric Track Arm Sofa, Created for Macy’s

Erath Orange Sofa

Erath Orange Loveseat

Dietrich Sofa

Leather Tufted Couch


Where to buy Orange Couch like one in Friends Centeral Perk

Dietrich Sofa close match Central perk couch sofa on Friends


I hope it’s been helpful to find the retailers from where you can buy Friends TV Show home decor! If nothing else, I hope it’s been fun to reminisce about the episodes and perhaps re-watch some of your favorite ones like I have!

These are the wonderful characters and actors who brought a lot of joy to the fans. Happy 25th anniversary to the cast, crew and fans of Friends!

  • Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston)
  • Monica Geller (Courteney Cox)
  • Phoebe Buffay (Lisa Kudrow)
  • Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc)
  • Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry)
  • Ross Geller (David Schwimmer)